Three Ways To Get Rid Of Scratches On Glass Table Tops

You recently purchased a brand new glass top table for use in your office. You really liked the way that it looked, and while you paid top dollar for it, you felt that it was worth it. You thought so much of it that whenever somebody put their finger or hand on the table top, you would rush over to wipe off the smudge as soon as that person left the room. And then came the day that someone dropped a binder on your desk, creating a nice little scratch. It wasn’t a terrible scratch, but it was one that could be seen if you looked at the table from the right angle with respect to the light. The appearance of that scratch bothers you, and you want to get rid of it. This article will discuss three ways in which people have had success in removing scratches from their glass table tops. One of these methods may prove helpful in the repair of your table top.

Aside from putting a desk pad or a sheet of fabric over the scratch, the least expensive method of removing the scratch might be filling in the scratch with some clear nail polish. Just use that small brush applicator to get the polish in the right areas. Any excess polish can be removed with nail polish remover. I used this technique on the glass table top that is on my computer desk with hutch, and it worked pretty well, although as a guy, I did get some funny looks in the cosmetics department.

You could get one of those windshield crack repair kits that is used by automotive professionals. If these kits can be used to repair windshields, then they ought to be able to repair glass table tops. These kits come with a resin that is usually either an epoxy or an acrylic adhesive filler. Using this kit may require some sanding and other surface preparation before and after applying the resin, to insure that the affected area blends in with the rest of the table top once the resin cures. These kits are pretty economical, as you can get them at Wal-Mart for as little as $10. Be very careful to follow the directions on the kit, or you could end up just making the scratch even worse.

A more creative, and more expensive, way of repairing your scratch is to have a designed etched over it. The website, has a lot of useful information about etching and offers etching kits and supplies. If done properly, an etched design can do a great job of hiding scratches on a glass table top.

These are just three of the ways in which people have had success in repairing scratches on their glass table tops. Whatever you do, please be extremely careful when employing any of these methods, as if you mess up, you could do even more damage. If you have the money to spend, and the scratch really bothers you, then you may just want to have a professional repair it for you.