Epoxy Based Garage Floor Coatings Work Great

I am sure you are familiar with oil stains from dripped oil and chips in the surface of the floor if you have your own garage. If you are tired of how these messes make your garage ugly, you should consider this do-it-yourself project and your floor will look much better. It will also have the protection it needs and it will become a safer floor to walk on and work on. Why not have an epoxy garage floor coating project on your weekend home repair to do list?

Epoxy garage floor coatings have been utilized for several years mostly by truck shops and professional garages. These industrialized systems are installed for reasons such as protection to the concrete sub-floor and adding safety for the workers because it can greatly reduce the chances of slips and falls. If you are going to apply a floor coating on your garage, you can have these two benefits and your floor’s looks will also improve greatly if you add paint chips.

Epoxies become very hard when they are cured but they are easy to prepare and apply. After you are done cleaning and prepping the floor, you should mix the two materials of the epoxy which are the resin and the hardener. Then, you should roll it out on the floor with the help of a nap roller. This process is just like painting the floor. You need 24 hours for the coating to dry and be walked on and you need at least three days to make sure that its completely cured and its level of hardness is at the maximum level. After this, your floor can resist most abuses even sparks from arc and tig welding.

Before the epoxy is cured, you can also spread on a gritty material like sand over the slightly wet surface so that the slickness of the floor is dramatically reduced. The sand roughens up the surface so that your shoes are going to “stick” on the floor instead of sliding. It is not very rough so it gives you the opportunity to still clean it up using a broom and you can still roll a creeper under your car. If you have a non-slip garage floor coating, most of your weekend projects are much safer, this includes working on your garage door. Don’t use an epoxy asphalt sealer though because this will not adhere to the concrete properly.  Be sure to apply a concrete sealer.

Finally, you can add color chips that can make your garage really stunning. The only color available back when this product was first introduced was industrial gray but, at present, almost any color of the rainbow can be found.  Once you mix the resin and hardener, sprinkle on the paint chips so that color consistency is achieved.

If you want an improvement project for your garage, you should consider this on one of your weekends. You can purchase a kit from most any home improvement store and you will be given tips on how to apply it specifically in your area since humidity and temperature are factors that should be taken into consideration before applying the sealer.